Tu ai inima mea
Tu ai inima mea
Și eu Te voi lăuda,
Primește viața mea
Tu ai inima mea
Și eu Te voi lăuda,
Și lasă-mă să fiu
O jertfa a Ta.
Și eu Te voi lăuda
(Eu Te voi lăuda),
Și voi cânta dragostea Ta
(Voi cânta dragostea Ta),
Și fața Ta-mi vei arăta
(Fața Ta),
Văzându-Ți gloria.
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Psalmi 139:1
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Lord you have my heart

Lord you have my heart
And I will search for yours
Jesus take my life and lead me on.

Lord you have my heart
And I will search for yours
Let me be to you a sacrifice.

[men:] And I will praise you Lord
[women:] I will praise you Lord
[men:] And I will sing of love come down
[women:] I will sing of love come down
[men:] And as you show your face
[women:] Show your face
[together:] We'll see your glory here.

Written by Martin Smith ©1994 Curious? Music UK

Povestea din Spate (EN)

(Source: Wikipedia, Excerpt from "Delirious?" page.)

Origins: The Cutting Edge years (1992–1996)[edit]
The origins of Delirious? stretch back to 1992. The band began life as a collection of musicians, known simply as 'The Cutting Edge Band'. The group's function was to be a Christian worship band for a youth outreach event called "Cutting Edge", instigated by the Arun Community Church in Littlehampton, West Sussex.[4] The first members were Tim Jupp and Martin Smith, who became friends while working together at a recording studio. There they decided to form a band. Jupp had previously released an instrumental album titled "Hooked On Ishmael". Originally, Jupp fronted the band, which also contained youth worker and drummer Stew Smith. Several different musicians filled the role of guitarist and bass player. The events became popular via word-of-mouth, leading the band to play at other 'Cutting Edge' events along the south coast of England – monthly events in Portsmouth and Southampton. The events in Portsmouth only lasted a year but the events in Central Hall, Southampton were to run for three years, the duration of the Cutting Edge events. The group remained as the house band for Cutting Edge for several years, and they began to record and release the 'Cutting Edge' cassette tapes.
"Martin was this really shy, almost withdrawn character. I can remember times actually, this will make people laugh, when I was the one. I would end up leading the worship in the meetings."
—Tim Jupp, on the early days of 'The Cutting Edge Band'[5]
The turnout at the events grew so much that the regular venue (a local school hall) had to be replaced with the school's sports hall, whilst the organizers had to charge a small fee to control the numbers attending. Similar challenges took place at the Central Hall in Southampton where up to 1200 people would gather each month. In 1996, an event was held in the open air, on the green next to Littlehampton's beach. An estimated 4000 people attended, while Channel 4 filmed it for a documentary.
The band were able to release their increasingly popular material thanks to lead singer Martin Smith and keyboardist Tim Jupp's roles as recording engineers and producers at a local recording studio. During this period, the lineup of the band began to take shape. Permanent guitar duties were taken up by Stu G shortly after the release of the band's first EP, whilst Jon Thatcher became permanent bassist for the band's fourth release, 'Cutting Edge Fore'. In total, four EPs were released under the "Cutting Edge" name, in addition to a solo EP from guitarist Stu Garrard, which featured the entire band. Many of the band's most famous songs were written and recorded during this time, including possibly their most famous: 'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever.' Others included 'The Happy Song', 'Lord, You Have My Heart', 'Thank You For Saving Me', 'Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?', 'I've Found Jesus', 'I'm Not Ashamed', 'Find Me In The River', 'Shout To The North', 'All I Want Is You' and 'Obsession'. The music became well known in Christian circles, and demand grew for recordings. By 1996, they had sold over seventy thousand EPs by mail order. These EPs were later released as two albums in the UK, and one double album in the US. A similar composite edition of Cutting Edge was released to retail and achieved 'Gold' status in Canada.

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