Doamne astăzi vin (Cheamă-mă)
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Doamne, astăzi vin în fața Ta să mă închin
Ca să fiu umplut de har divin.
Prin iubirea Ta, aș vrea mai mult
Să îmi cunosc slăbiciunile și să cresc
În iubirea Ta.
Cheamă-mă și voi veni la Tine,
Când sunt slab, Te rog Tu să mă sprijinești,
Ca vulturul spre cer mă voi înălța
Și veșnic voi trăi, mereu voi locui
În iubirea Ta.
Doamne vreau să fiu în stare să-nțeleg cum ești
Și care-I calea Ta, ca să merg pe ea.
Și din pacea Ta în suflet să-mi reverși un strop
Ca cei din jur să bea și să stea
În iubirea Ta.
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Isaia 40:31
Versiunea Originală

The power of Your Love

Version 1:
© 1992 Maranatha! Music
Word Music, LLC

Lord I come to You
Let my heart be changed, renewed
Flowing from the grace
That I’ve found in You
Lord I’ve come to know
The weakenesses I see in me
Will be stripped away
By the power of Your love

Hold me close
Let Your love surround me
Bring me near
Draw me to Your side
And as I wait
I’ll rise up like the eagle
And I will soar with You
Your Spirit leads me on
In the power of Your love

Lord unveil my eyes
Let me see You face to face
The knowledge of Your love
As You live in me
Lord renew my mind
As Your will unfolds in my life
In living every day
By the power of Your love

(repeat chorus twice)

And I will soar with You
Your Spirit leads me on
In the power of Your love

Version 2:
Music ©: 1992 Word Music
Words ©: 2004 Geoff Bullock

Lord you come to me,
And as my heart is changed, released
This miracle of grace gently sets me free
And Lord I’ve come to know,
The weaknesses I see in me,
Will be stripped away
By the power of your love.

You hold me close,
You’ve let your love surround me,
For you’ve come near
To draw me to your side.
And in your life
I’m rising like the eagle
And I will soar with you
As your spirit leads me on
In the power of your love

Verse Two:
Lord unveil my eyes,
You let me see you face to face
In the knowledge of your love
As you live, in me.
You renew my mind
As your will unfolds in my life
In living every day
In the power of your love

Verse Three:
Lord you’ve come to all
With hope that shines to light the way
As mercy soothes our souls, healing every heart.
Love that sees the tears
Overcomes our darkest fears
Grace that lifts us up
In the power of your love

Povestea din Spate (EN)

[...]Bullock wrote "Power of Your Love" with this in mind, oddly enough while waiting for dinner at a friend's house. "I wasn't trying to write a song," he remembers, "but I was actually praying while I was playing." The first verse and chorus was written that evening while the second verse came along after returning home that night. The completed work was hastily arranged over breakfast the next day and sung at church in the morning service.

According to Bullock, the song has since "left home" and has traveled the world. "It has legs and it appears to have traveled everywhere. This so amazes me. I really have no role in its journeys. I simply get postcards occasionally."

Anyone who has has used this song to address God in worship will not be surprised to know that "The Power of Your Love" song has influenced people all around the world. Spirit's seem to soar as the chorus begins, allowing singers to "get in" to Isaiah's bones, so to speak, when he writes, "But those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint (40:31, NIV). Coincidentally this is the very verse which influenced Bullock while he was writing of this song. [...]