În El în Domnul meu

În El în Domnul meu,
E speranța mea
De-acum în veci
În El în Domnul meu
E speranța mea
Stau în tăcere în prezența Domnului
În El e toată-nțelepciunea
Furia mării se supune Lui
El este sursa mea, izvorul vieții
În orice zi trimite Domnul mila Sa
Pe păcătos îl scoate din ruini
Ca să-i ofere vindecarea Sa
Primesc iertare, primesc iertare

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Se așterne pretutindeni G

Robert Heatlie

Se așterne pretutindeni Stratul proaspăt de omăt Pe la case, s-au pornit copiii, Astăzi iarăși e Crăciun Peste tot e veselie Prăjituri și cozonaci Pe la geamuri fețe zâmbitoare, Astăzi iarăși e Crăciun Ne bucurăm că El s-a născut Ca să ne dea-n dar pacea Sa

Ești Domnul meu

Andreea Mois

Doamne, Tu ești bucuria mea, Doamne, Tu ești izbăvirea mea Cuvântul Tău este o lumină pe calea mea. Îmi pun nădejdea în Dumnezeu Numai Tu ești ajutorul meu Ești mântuirea, ești adăpostul, ești Domnul meu! O mie să cadă în jurul meu Eu merg cu Tine o, Domnul

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Franz Xaver Gruber, Joseph Mohr

O noapte preasfințită! Toate-s în odihnă. Toți dorm, numai părinții sfinți Stau veghind lângă a lor iubit. /: Dormi și Tu, o, Prunc Sfânt! :/ O noapte preasfințită! Glas îngeresc sună. Auzi din cer „Aleluia!” Acest cuvânt, o, cum răsună: /: Hristos ne mântu

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Sunny Tranca

Cu glasul meu strig către Tine Inima mea Îți aparține. Sufletul meu Ți se închină Isus. Da, Tu ești bun și plin de iubire, Eu nu cunosc pe nimeni ca Tine, De aceea vin să-Ți mulțumesc. Eu voi binecuvânta Numele Tău, Te voi înălța, Isuse, Domnul meu. Mai sus

Versiunea Originală

I stand in awe within the presence of the Lord
In whom the wisdom of the ages lies
For whom the raging of the sea subsides
The living sacrifice, the only source of life

My Hope is in the Lord
From this time on and evermore
My Hope is in the Lord

His tender mercies come with every rising sun
To meet the sinner in his brokenness
To offer healing and forgiveness
And those who trust in Him will find their hearts at rest

My Hope is in the Lord
From this time on and evermore
My Hope is in the Lord

My Hope is in the Lord
From this time on and evermore
My Hope is in the Lord

My Hope is in the Lord
My Hope is in the Lord

Povestea din Spate (EN)

The lyric of My Hope is a statement of faith, pure and simple. When you stare at a circumstance that is irreconcilable, and frankly, unimaginable, you have a unique opportunity to see deep into your system of belief. This opportunity presented itself to my family and me many years ago in the form of a precious little girl and a hideous enemy called cancer.

My son and I spent an afternoon visiting 3 year old, Aria Lams, at her house in southern California. We were on a mission to cheer up our cherished little friend who’d been experiencing persistent pain in her joints, low grade fevers, and multiple trips to the Dr. for blood draws. The next morning we received news that the previous days draw revealed the presence of leukemia. A seven-year battled ensued that ended with Aria’s passing into Glory in the fall of 2004.

Those years of battling with our dear friends redefined life for me on nearly every level. There came a day, several years into Aria’s illness, when her mom and I were having lunch together in a café in Pasadena. I remember, for the first time, articulating what God had been showing me as I struggled, without success, to understand why Aria was plagued with this disease.

God showed me clearly, there are irreconcilable realities that exist, day in and day out. But far more important, is the reality that God actively exists in the midst of it. God is in the business of restoration and hope and healing. He’s in the business of bringing light into dark places. He desires that all, who are created in His image, be in relationship with Him through Jesus. He is the giver of life and hope. Neither exists apart from Him. This reality didn’t relieve the anguish of what was happening to Aria, her family or to those of us who dearly loved them. But it kept hopelessness and despair at bay. God is our hope, “in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water”, Psalm 63: 1.

Aria died, not yet 11 years old. Her graveside service was perhaps the most excruciating moment of my life. You cannot reconcile a child-size casket with the body of a little girl you love inside of it. You cannot reconcile it being lowered into the ground and covered with the earth. You cannot reconcile the death of dreams. And if this life was all there was, I would be raging still. But I know without doubt that there is hope of something to come. And I know for certain that Aria lives. She lives a life in total freedom, abandoned to her True Love, cared for by God Himself, running free in the gardens of heaven. She feels no pain. Her memories hold no sway over her other than to point to the Object of her Love. She is dancing in His presence and He is dancing too.