E o Stâncă ce de veacuri
E o Stâncă ce de veacuri
Stă în valuri ca un far,
Adăpost oricărui suflet
Care-i dus de-al vieții val.
Stânca mea, a mea cetate,
Locul meu de adăpost,
Al meu sprijin în necazuri
E Isus, Isus Hristos.
În zadar furtuna bate
Și e noapte-n jurul meu;
Liniștit eu stau pe Stâncă;
Stânca mea e Dumnezeu.
Spune-mi, suflet, dus de valuri,
Vrei speranță și-ajutor?
Doar Isus e Stânca vieții
Și al lumii Salvator!
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Deuteronom 32:4 Deuteronom 32:18 1 Samuel 2:2 2 Samuel 22:2 2 Samuel 22:3 2 Samuel 22:32 Psalmi 18:2 Psalmi 18:31 Psalmi 18:46 Psalmi 19:14 Psalmi 28:1 Psalmi 31:3 Psalmi 62:2 Psalmi 62 Psalmi 71 Psalmi 95:1 Romani 9:33 1 Corinteni 10:4
Versiunea Originală

1. Lead me to the rock that’s higher
Than the rock poor self can show;
Lead me to its perfect shelter,
The strong tower from every foe.

In the higher rock I’m trusting,
Restful, peaceful, saved and free,
’Tis the tested rock of ages,
Its dear shadow shelters me.

2. Yes, the higher rock so towering
Gives, amid life’s rudest storms,
Perfect refuge, surest safety,
Sweetest rest amid alarms.


3. ’Tis the higher rock that gives me
Faith’s glad strength for every hour;
Oh to measure all its gladness,
All its preciousness of power!


4. ’Tis the higher rock sustains me
Joyously from day to day;
Lifting heart, and soul, and spirit,
To the purer, holier way.


5. ’Tis the higher rock that saves me,
’Tis the higher rock I’ve found,
Where abide the crowning graces—
Faith and hope and love abound.


6. So will I sing praises to Thee—
For Thy wondrous power to save;
Daily ’neath Thy shadow resting,
Till the victor’s palm I wave.


Povestea din Spate (EN)

Hartsough, Lewis, was born at Ithaca, New York, Aug. 31, 1823. Of his hymns the following are in common use:—-
1. I hear Thy welcome voice. The Divine Invitation.
2. In the rifted Rock I'm resting. Safety in Jesus.
3. Lead me to the Rock that's higher. Safety in Jesus.
4. O who'll stand up for Jesus? All for Jesus
Nos. 1-3 are in I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs & Solos, 1878 (1 and 3 with music by Hartsough).

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Source: http://www.hymnary.org/person/Hartsough_Lewis