Isus, speranța lumii

Isus, speranța lumii,
Isus, Cel care mângâie,
Speranță din cer aici pe pământ;
Isus, Tu ești lumina!
Isus, ești adevăr deplin,
Lumină din cer aici pe pământ;
Tu ai trăit și ai murit,
Zăgazul morții l-­ai zdrobit!
Speranță ești, în noi trăiești,
Stânca în care ne­-ncredem ești;
Lumină ești, pentru toată lumea, Isus!
Din morți înviat, frica­-i învins,
Al Păcii Prinț, de noi te­-ai atins;
Speranță ești, celor ce Te primesc acum,
Celor ce cred!

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Versiunea Originală

Hope Of The Nations Jesus, hope of the nations Jesus, comfort for all who mourn You are the source of Heaven’s hope on earth Jesus, light in the darkness Jesus, truth in each circumstance You are the source of Heaven’s light on earth In history You lived and died You broke the chains You rose to life! You are the hope living in us You are the rock in whom we trust You are the light shining for all the world to see You rose from the dead conquering fear Our Prince of Peace drawing us near Jesus our hope, living for all who will receive, Lord we believe!

Povestea din Spate (EN)

During the first days of September 2001, I got a strong impression that I was to write a 'song of hope' that the Church could sing. Actually I had been trying to write a song of hope since '99, when many people were overcome by the fear of Y2K, but none of my writing attempts led anywhere. I could sense this time was different as I began with "Jesus, hope of the nations . . ." The writer of the gospel of Matthew quotes the prophet Isaiah who says "In his name, the nations will put their hope" Matthew 12:21. I wanted to communicate that hope was not a feeling, but sourced in the person of Jesus. I finished the verse and the pre-chorus, but couldn't seem to get the 'right' chorus. Then September 11th happened and I realised even more clearly why we needed songs of hope to sing!! In the days following, when I was grounded due to the planes not flying, I wrote the chorus, and within a few weeks, the first version of the song was recorded in Colorado Springs.