Cinste, onoare

Cinste, onoare, glorie, splendoare
Fie Celui din veșnicii.
Orice națiune, întreaga lume
Cântă Celui din veșnicii.
Orice limbă-n cer, pe pământ
Să-Ți declare gloria,
Orice ființă în fața Ta să cadă,
Tu vei fi pe veci înălțat
Și vei împărăți peste noi,
Cel din veșnicii.
Cinste, onoare, glorie, splendoare
Fie Celui din veșnicii.
Orice națiune, întreaga lume
Cântă Celui din veșnicii.
Pământul așteaptă venirea Ta,
Glorie Celui din veșnicii.
Să fie văzută doar slava Ta,
Glorie Celui din veșnicii.

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Doamne, viața mea Ți-o dau

William G. Fischer, William MacDonald (1870)

Doamne, viața mea Ți-o dau, Pe deplin eu mă predau; Mă condu Tu pas cu pas, Ziua, noaptea,-n orice ceas. Cu întreagă ființa mea, Mă predau în slujba Ta. Umple-mi inima de foc, Asta, Doamne, eu Te rog. Ale mele mâini le ia, Să lucreze-n via Ta, Și picioarele

Domnul e sfânt (II) C

Michael W. Smith & Deborah D. Smith

Domnul e sfânt, El e mare și drept, Lui mă-ncred și-L slăvesc necurmat. Blând și măreț, suferind pe Calvar, Peste toți harul Și-a revărsat. Mare și sfânt și vrednic de slavă, Mare e Domnul Dumnezeu, Toți, într-un glas, să-L laude cucernic, Să strige-n cor:

Mai aproape, Doamne F

Lowell Mason (1856), Sarah Adams (1841)

Mai aproape, Doamne, către Tine, Deși e grea crucea pentru mine, Totuși cântarea mea este totdeauna Mai aproape Doamne, către Tine. Când soarele-apune, singur fiind, Pe piatră-mi plec capul cel ostenit. În visul meu și-atunci, o las ca să ajung Mai aproape

Salvat, o, ce veste măreață!

William James Kirkpatrick, Fanny Jane Crosby

Salvat, o, ce veste măreață! Prin Mielul jertfit pe Calvar! Salvat prin a Sa îndurare, Sfințit eu sunt astăzi prin har! Salvat, salvat, Prin Mielul jertfit pe Calvar! Salvat, salvat, Sfințit eu sunt astăzi prin har! Salvat! Fericit sunt în Isus! Cuvinte nic

Versiunea Originală

Ancient of Days Verse: Blessing and Honour Glory and Power Be unto the ancient of days From every nation All of creation Bow before the ancient of days Chorus: Every tongue in heaven and earth Shall declare your glory Every knee shall bow at your throne In worship You will be exalted oh God And your kingdom shall not pass away Oh ancient of days Bridge: Your kingdom shall reign over all the earth Sing to the ancient of days For none can compare to your matchless worth Sing to the ancient of days

Povestea din Spate (EN)

“It has gone far beyond my wildest dreams,” says Harvill. “I have been blessed to visit many foreign countries and have heard it performed in several languages. It is truly a gift from God. I feel like the proverbial lizard in the king’s palace. It has opened many otherwise closed doors for me. Through this song, God gave Gary and me an opportunity to begin our careers and to go on to write many more songs of worship, but no matter how many others I write, I will always be recognized as the co-writer of ‘Ancient of Days.’”

Harvill and Sadler brought their families together in the spring and summer of 1991, converging at Harvill’s small rental house in Mobile, Alabama. With four children and four adults crammed into a two-bedroom, 1-bathroom house, the two songwriters were somehow able to write together in a small bedroom Harvill had converted into a studio.

“Our inspiration was Daniel 7:22,” Harvill explains. “Daniel’s vision includes the ‘Ancient of Days,’ and that His kingdom shall not pass away. We loved the heavenly, worshipful imagery.”

Sadler had already come up with the song’s title and a basic verse melody. Harvill had been listening at the time to a South African writer and performer named Johnny Klegg, and had begun to imitate some of Klegg’s ethnic drum patterns just for fun. Some of those same sounds became the direction the two writers took when they began to put together the pieces of “Ancient of Days.” Harvill credits worship pioneer and friend Gerrit Gustafson for championing the song and ultimately pitching it to Integrity Music.

“Gary and I had never had a song recorded on a national label before,” Harvill shares. “When it made the list for Ron Kenoly’s Lift Him Up album, we were ecstatic. When we realized that it would include a bass, flute and percussion solo, making the song last more than seven minutes, we knew that God was up to something big!”

Harvill, who wrote his first poems as a child, crafted his very first song, “Albatross,” when he was 13 years old. Growing up in Southern California, he claims he wasn’t great at sports, but learned early on through church plays and school choruses that he was interested in music. Playing guitar, singing and writing songs became second nature to him.

After Harvill and Sadler completed “Ancient of Days” in the spring/summer of 1991, Kenoly’s live recording was scheduled to take place in Virginia Beach that October. Harvill brought his parents and family along with him to the event, and remembers the night vividly.

“When the song was being performed, I remember looking over at my mother, who has since passed away, and seeing the look of wonder in her eyes,” says Harvill. “I knew at that moment my folks realized that all of the loud garage band practices, music lessons and never-ending requests for guitar gear became worth it in an instant. That night was the beginning of my songwriting career.”