Cine altul decât Isus

Cine altul decât Isus
Poate fericire da?
Bun, milos și scump e Isus;
El pe veci e partea mea.
Tot ce sufletu-mi tresaltă
E Isus, ce m-a salvat!
El din zeci de mii rămâne
Cel mai scump și minunat.
Ce măreață e-ndurarea
Harului de necuprins!
Mai adâncă decât marea,
Trece peste ceru-ntins.
Ce salvare minunată
Pentru noi a pregătit!
De păcatele murdare
Hainele ni le-a albit.
Orice grijă, cât de mare
Mâna Lui o va lua;
Lângă El eu am salvare;
El e totu-n viața mea.
Lângă râul vieții-n ceruri
Când voi sta încoronat,
Voi cânta și eu cu sfinții:
Slavă, slavă ne-ncetat!
Compusă în 1931. S1RS2RS3RS4RS5R

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Versiunea Originală

All That Thrills my Soul Who can cheer the heart like Jesus By His presence all divine True and tender, pure and precious O, how blest to call Him mine Chorus All that thrills my soul is Jesus He is more than life to me And the fairest of ten thousand In my blessed Lord I see Love of Christ so freely given Grace of God beyond degree Mercy higher than the heavens Deeper than the deepest sea What a wonderful redemption Never can a mortal know Ho my sin, though red like crimson Can be whiter than the snow Every need His hand supplying Every good in Him I see On His strength divine relying He is all in all to me By the crystal flowing river With the ransomed I will sing And forever and forever Praise and glorify the King

Povestea din Spate (EN)

Thoro Harris, the author of today’s hymn, was born in Washington D.C. in 1874. Though nothing is known of his childhood and youth, we pick up his career in Michigan at Battle Creek College, a Seventh-Day Adventist school. He was a gifted songwriter and after graduation moved to Boston to enter the publishing business. In 1902 he produced the first of dozens of hymnals and song collections. In those days Christian publishing was big. As a result of his success, Harris was invited by Peter Bilhorn to move to Chicago. Bilhorn was active in Christian music, working with evangelists Billy Sunday, D.L. Moody, and George Stebbins.

Thoro went to work for The Glad Tidings Publishing Company as an editor, where he continued to compose and compile a number of works. He became well-known in Chicago because he was always seen with a canvas bag full of handbooks for sale. Somewhere along the way he became affiliated with the Pentecostal movement. In 1920 he went to Los Angeles to compile a hymnal titled, “Pentecostal Revivalist” for infamous evangelist, Aimee Semple McPherson. In 1926 he wrote “I Love Him Better Every Day.” He moved to Eureka Springs, Arkansas in 1932 to work for the publishing arm of the Oneness Pentecostal Organization. He died there in 1955.

Not a bad resume’ for anyone, correct? But consider this. Thoro Harris was born only 11 years after the Civil War ended. Think about what society was going through in those days following the abolition of slavery. What makes his accomplishments even more significant? Thoro was a black man! Today’s hymn connects him to the Nazarene Church because even though he wrote it in 1917, in 1931 the publishing rights were sold to Lillenas Publishing, which became the Nazarene Publishing House. It isn’t known what his motivation for writing it but we can all agree with him that . . . Who can cheer the heart like Jesus, By His presence all divine? True and tender, pure and precious,
O how blest to call Him mine!